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The Musical Cure


Hello there again Jason is back for another year in the twittershpere here to blog for your enjoyment. So far in the world of sports Toronto Maple Leafs fans believe this is their year! They said that every year though so it’s bound to happen one of these days. On a more serious note though I do have something I would like to talk about. I know life can be hard sometimes and while for heart aches, school, and other life stressors there is no magical cure, there just might be a musical one.

“A musical cure you say?” Indeed I do! In times of stress we have to be productive and channel our emotions in positive ways. Working out is a great way but let’s be honest… Ain’t nobody got time for that! So just this past Monday I decided to get me this here guitar and learn some tunes!
“How can I afford a musical instrument as a student?” Great news for you, they have great starter kits for a lot of beginners, also you would be surprised how many people sell their instruments at a pawn shop, which then resell them at pretty low prices versus new. Some shops also sell used equipment and some even rent.

“Who will teach me?” YouTube has a video for everything! Or you can buy a music book or DVD or whatever will best help you learn! You can find plenty of adds online for teachers or just talk to your local music store!

“I don’t want to play alone…” Get the family and friends involved because hey! Why not? They make instruments for the youngsters too!

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