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If you would like someone to meet you at the airport upon arrival at Toronto Pearson International Airport, ensure you book an airport pickup with us. Airport pickups must be arranged in advance and all the information you need will be provided in your Arrival Services Guide.

Durham College works with Aeroport Taxi & Limo Service, a regulated and licensed airport shuttle service to transport you from Pearson International Airport to Oshawa.

Please follow the below instructions once arriving at the airport.

Terminal 1 and 3: Go to the Prearranged Taxi/Limo kiosk located in area A. The person on duty there will call Aeroport Taxi & Limo Service to meet you there.

Kick-start your Durham College experience and make friends too!

The best way to start your time at Durham College on the right foot is by attending International Student Orientation. This is the day that you will receive essential information on how to achieve success throughout your studies and upon graduation.

Information provided includes:

  • Meet the staff from the International Office and other international students
  • How your health insurance works
  • Setting up a bank account in Canada
  • Immigration issues regarding studying and working in Canada
  • Workshops on how to achieve academic success while at Durham College
  • Learning about the many resources available to support you during your studies

In addition, be sure to attend the college-wide orientation where you will:

  • Meet your professors and classmates
  • Find out more detailed information about your program of study
  • Meet the student services team and discover a number of on-campus services
  • Get your ‘I heart DC’ t-shirt.

On your first day of class you will find out which textbooks are required for your specific courses. You can order and purchase these new or second-hand at the campus bookstore. Choose to them up on campus or order them online and have them delivered directly to your accommodation. You should budget around CAD$500 per semester for new textbooks.

Working in Canada whilst studying

All students should prepare to come to Durham College with enough money to finance their studies. However, should you find yourself wanting to enjoy things outside of your studies you can earn some extra money through several work programs. While attending college in Canada, international students are permitted to work on or off campus. Details on off-campus work opportunities available while on a study permit can be found at www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/work.asp.

On campus

Part-time job opportunities are available on campus for international students through the DC iWorks program, a work-study program for international students, or as part-time contract staff through on-campus vendors.

Off campus

While attending college in Canada, international students are permitted to work off campus while on a study permit.

Working in Canada after graduation

Upon graduation you can apply for a post-graduate work permit to gain valuable work experience in Canada. Work permits are governed and administered through the Canadian government and are not connected to Durham College programs. To learn more, please visit the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website.

Employment assistance

Our Career Services team can also help you in finding employment. They offer assistance with job searching, resume writing, interview skills and host a part-time job fair on campus each year.

All Durham College students are part of the Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) system. The U-Pass offers unlimited free use of any Durham Region Transit bus or GO Transit buses operating in Durham Region during the academic year by showing the driver your Campus ID card. Over 380 buses enter the bus circle in front of the Gordon Willey building at the Oshawa campus, making almost any destination across the region accessible.

Once you arrive in Canada, finances should be the least of your worries. It is important to know the costs and plan ahead so that you don’t find yourself short of money while at college.

Approximate living costs* for one month in Oshawa, Ontario
Approximate living costs* for one month in Oshawa, Ontario
Housing/residence $400 to $875¹
Food ($100/week) $400
Textbooks and other supplies $500 (per semester)
Clothing $50
Entertainment $80
Miscellaneous $25
Transit pass included in student fees
Total: $955 to $1,430/month

Additional costs to take into consideration include: laptop and computer software (if required by program: approx. $1,200 to $4,000); mobile phones; calling cards; extracurricular activities; winter clothing; travel home; and visa renewal fees.

* Note: Costs are not guaranteed and vary according to each student’s needs and spending habits.
¹ Off-campus housing will require an initial deposit fee.
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